Broadmead Care welcomes feedback from clients, residents, family members or visitors at any time.  We also recognize that circumstances may arise where people may have concerns or complaints regarding the health, safety or well-being of a resident or a client. 

Your feedback helps us identify areas for improvement in our care and services. Broadmead Care will make every effort to ensure that complaint investigations are timely, fair and just, and without repercussions or penalty to the client/resident or complainant.

The following guidelines outline the point of contact for submitting complaints (or compliments), what information to include, the general process and timelines that are followed, and what to do if it is felt that Broadmead Care’s response has not been adequate. 

How do I offer feedback or make a complaint about the care or service?

There are a number of ways to make a complaint. A complaint can be made verbally by speaking to the person providing the care or service, the nurse in charge, the social worker, or the departmental supervisor. Broadmead Care wants the opportunity to address as quickly as possible whatever issue has left you feeling dissatisfied with the service or care received, if it is possible and appropriate to do so. If you are upset with the care provided by the client/resident’s physician, please contact the physician directly to discuss your concerns. If you remain dissatisfied, you may submit the complaint in writing as indicated below.

A complaint may be made verbally or in writing sent as a letter, email or fax (250-658-0948) addressed to the attention of the Director of Care and/or the Chief Executive Officer.
Broadmead Care
4579 Chatterton Way
Victoria, B.C.
V8X 4Y7

When should I make a complaint?

There is no time limit in which to make a complaint. However, waiting too long before making a complaint may make the investigation and resolution process more difficult.

What information should I include in my complaint?

It will depend on the situation. In general, the following should be provided:

  • detailed description of the incident
  • date the incident occurred
  • your role as a witness to the incident or as the conveyor of information you got from someone else
  • your full name, address and telephone number

What happens once I make a complaint?

If you are making a complaint on behalf of yourself, the director or the person receiving the complaint will work with you to identify the issues you wish follow-up on and negotiate a mutually acceptable resolution to whatever the concerns may be. If you are making a complaint on behalf of a resident, and the resident is mentally capable, the resident will be made aware of the complaint to ensure their perspective about the matter is understood and to confirm what follow-up they wish to occur. If the resident is not mentally capable, you will be asked to provide proof of your authority to act on behalf of the individual and/or to receive feedback about that person’s care or service with Broadmead Care. This is done in order to protect the resident’s privacy in accordance with Broadmead Care confidentiality policy, the B.C. Health Care Consent Act and the B.C. Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

The director or supervisor responsible for monitoring the quality of care and/or service of their respective program will be asked to undertake an examination of the identified issues within your complaint. Once that is complete, a response will be provided directly to whoever has the authority to receive it, typically the individual the information is about, or with that person’s authorization, a third party such as a family member.

How long will it take to investigate the complaint?

Your complaint will be dealt with as quickly as possible. It depends on the nature, severity, and complexity of the complaint. Some complaints can be dealt with in a matter of days. Others may take weeks to investigate or may involve other agencies.

What if I feel the response to my complaint has not been adequate?

If you have brought your concern to the attention of the Broadmead Care management but feel the response has not been adequate, you should contact the Vancouver Island Health Authority’s Patient Care Quality Office at 250-370- 8323 (Toll-free: 1-877-977-5797), Fax: 250-370-8137,or by email:

What does the facility do with the feedback it receives through complaints?

Each complaint provides an opportunity to identify areas for improvement of the care and services provided by Broadmead Care. A synopsis of the nature and outcomes of complaints -  with names of the client/resident and complainant removed - is regularly reported to the management team and the Board Quality Management Committee of Broadmead Care. It is also used to provide information and recommendations for care and service improvements. The records are maintained within a secured, client-specific record for three years following file closure and then are confidentially destroyed.